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“Solaris Optics is a precision optics company with almost 30 years’ experience in the field.”

Solaris Optics was founded in 1991. We are now a medium-sized ambitious enterprise employing over 70 people and having modern machines and laboratory equipment. The company is located on its own premises of 4744m2, in a production building with an area of ​​1620m².

See our company brochure: Solaris Optics – we do precise optics!

“We produce optics and deliver optical solutions to our partners.”

Our technological capabilities include a full production cycle of optical elements from almost all types of optical glasses, quartz glasses, optical ceramics and crystals, starting from cutting raw material in blocks or rods, through all standard technological processes such as milling, grinding, polishing and coating optical and framing them and precise assembly of optical systems. Solaris Optics produces precise optical elements for general applications, as well as specific elements and systems, parameters determined by the customer. We also manufacture laser electro-optical modulators.

“We work in space, air&defence business offering state of the art optics for most sophisticated applications and most recognizable clients.”

Due to the high quality standard of our products, they are mainly used in laser techniques, in precision measuring systems or research devices. We deliver our products to customers all over the world, operating in various industries such as: semiconductor industry, material processing, telecommunications, defense, lithography, imaging, or to units engaged in scientific research. The production structure offers the possibility of both delivering individual optical elements in a short time as well as accepting large orders for long production runs. The combination of our flexibility and development capabilities makes us a good partner in most projects that require optical elements.

“Our aim is constant improvement.”

OUR MISSION: We strive to provide sophisticated optics-based solutions for most ambitious ideas and innovative partners.

Michał Muniak, President of the Management Board