Solaris Optics offers metrology services and is equipped in metrology devices that allow full validation of optical elements.

Our metrology offering is the core element of our quality policy. Produced elements are internally tested between manufacturing steps and at the end of production cycle for final approval. All our measurement capabilities are offered also as services.

Within measurements we offer the following services:

  • measurement of geometrical parameters such as dimensions, radii of curvature, angles, parallelism, centration, center thickness and airgap of elements and systems, geometry of optical components,
  • surface characterization – surface parameters such as microroughness, surface flatness, form error with our optical profilometer
  • measurement of spectral parameters such as transmittance, and reflectance, within spectral range of 175 – 3300 nm, with our spectrophotometer.

Our measurement equipment park includes interferometers, profilometer, spectrophotometer, CMM machines, goniometer, etc. Please navigate the menu to learn more.

Should you have questions regarding our metrology services, please do not hesitate to contact us!