cube beamsplitters

Cube beamsplitters are build of two right angle prisms, glued together. The working coated splitting surface works at the incidence angle of 45°. In such a configuration there is no shift or deviation in the transmitted beam and the optical paths for the transmitted and reflected beams are equal.

In a standard design the beam is split according to intensity, however other options, such as polarizing or non-polarizing cube designs are also available.

This type of beamsplitter can be found in many laser as well as measurement applications. However, the layer of glue inside the cube lowers thermal durability of the element. Hence such elements shall work in medium and low light power optical systems.

Solaris Optics manufactures custom beamsplitters in Polnad. Dimensions, splitting performance, wavelength range, thin film coating options, etc. are selected according to client requirements and our manufacturing capabilities.

Please do contact us to discuss your needs in cube beamsplitters.

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