development of optical characterization

Optical characterization, or general characterization of optical elements and systems, is crucial stage of optics fabrication, especially for companies such as Solaris Optics, which in some cases is metrology limited.
Laboratory of Solaris Optics is very well equipped with commercial instrumentation (interferometers, profilometer, coordinate measurement machine, spectrophotometer, and others), however in many cases these commercial state-of-the-art measurment capabilities need to be enhanced or adopted to specific requirements. This is where Solaris’s R&D Group comes in with its competences of complex numerical modeling and data analyses.
Development of optical characterization starts with deep understanding of what needs to be measured. Then we develop the concept and numerical model of specific test method. Once the concept is verified, the hardware is designed and software routines are prepared if needed.
Such activities are realized both for Solaris’s internal needs, as well as for external clients.