Solaris Optics manufactures optical lenses at its Warsaw, Poland facility. The elements can be customized to client’s unique specification and performance goals.
Lenses are fundamental refractive elements used for controlling light in optical systems. They are commonly used in imaging systems such as projectors, cameras or microscopes, laser industry, space applications and many other. The latest progress in the field of lens design, materials and manufacturing has consistently grown abilities of modern optics and led to new applications and functionalities.
Solaris Optics allows our clients to reap the benefits of these advancements by applying the most advanced technology and skilled workforce in its design and fabrication processes. Our facility in Warsaw, Poland incorporates a complete infrastructure for fabrication of high-performance optical components, from state-of-art surfacing and fine finishing equipment to wide range of coating technologies, all under one roof. Such extensive process capabilities, knowledge and expertise mean we offer unprecedented flexibility to meet the specification and performance needs of the client’s application.
Our in-house resources provide reliable solutions for producing customized high-performance lenses of all types:

All the lenses are available in a range of geometries and diameters (up to 300 mm). Most elements are circular in shape, but as our production is customized so we can provide also lenses with cut edges. We work with many optical materials including glass, glass ceramics, quartz and crystals. Please see the specific lens type description for more details about the standard specification.
Please contact us for more details about our lens fabrication capabilities and to discuss your requirements.
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