UV and IR windows

UV windows as well as IR windows are manufactured by Solaris Optics in our facilities in Poland.

Possible shapes: circular, square and rectangular. Thin film coatings – the elements are in most cases AR coated, however we can deposit layers according to specific request.

The role of UV windows and IR windows in optical systems is similar as in other windows: to protect imaging, observation, viewings, sensor or other systems from mechanical damage, working environment, high power or reflections.

UV windows

UV windows are made of materials transparent in the ultraviolet range, so within wavelengths under 380nm. They can be applied in laser devices and other instruments in medical, defense and industrial areas.

IR Windows

IR windows are manufactured from substrate materials with transmission over >750 nm. Possible applications of IR windows are within defense as protective windows for sensors, in instruments, such as in FTIR spectroscopy, in medical systems and as vacuum separation elements.

As a custom element manufacturer we produce according to customer requirements. We are happy to advise in substrate, finish and coatings selection for UV and IR windows. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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