cube polarizers

Solaris Optics offers manufacturing services for cube polarizers based on inhouse equipment and processes in its Warsaw, Poland facility. This guarantees the product will be produced according to client’s specification and delivered punctually.
Cube dielectric polarizers are built from two cemented right angle prisms with multilayer dielectric coating inside which splits the p- and s-polarization components of the incident beam. The refraction indexes of the materials that form the dielectric beamsplitter structure are selected so as to always obtain incidence at Brewster angle. This setup provides high transmission for the p-polarization component while the s-polarization component is reflected at a perpendicular angle, allowing to achieve high polarization extinction ratios at broad range of wavelengths.
Taking advantage of its AR coating capabilities, Solaris Optics produces cube dielectric polarizers for the visible and near infrared range. The polarizers are meant to work with passing light and are renowned for their ease of installation and high mechanical durability. The limiting factor is light density, as optical cements used for bonding the prisms are sensitive to high intensity light sources.
If you are interested in custom-made cube polarizers for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us!