ND filters

ND filters (neutral density filters) are used for attenuation of visible spectral radiation transmission without influence on its spectral distribution. Solaris Optics produces custom ND filters in its premises in Poland.

ND Filters – Manufacturing and Technical Data

Neutral density filters offered by Solaris Optics are absorptive by working principle. We produce our filters with fine quality Schott neutral glasses, which are colored in material.
Standard characteristics of neutral density filters produced by Solaris Optics are presented below:

  • Substrate material: according to customer requirements
  • Dimensions (side length, diameter): 4 to 160 mm
  • Dimension tolerance: -0.1 mm
  • Clear aperture (active area): 90%
  • Thickness tolerance: ±0.02 mm
  • Flatness (633 nm): 2 λ per inch
  • Surface quality (scratch – dig): 60 – 40
  • Parallelism: <15 arcmin
  • Coating: according to customer requirements

The filters can be also manufactured also in higher quality levels, e.g. 40 – 20, λ/10 (633 nm), parallelism 1 – 3 arcsec.

Applications of neutral density filters

Neutral density filters can be applied in illuminators or light control applications for measuring devices.
Should you have questions regarding your application of ND filters, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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