special prisms

Solaris Optics offers many kinds of standard prisms such as right angle prims, penta prism and others, but for special client’s request can also design and produce custom special optimized to meet target application requirements, such as e.g. Porro prism. Customer can take advantage of company’s comprehensive production capabilities, from designing optical components to wide range of specialized fabrication operations.
The skilled and experienced workforce of Solaris Optics is happy to support client with a design based on target application specification, working conditions and general requirements.
We offer production of high-precision prisms in wide range of geometries, materials, and optical coatings. The facility of Solaris Optics based in Warsaw, Poland is well equipped to meet any technology challenge, saving clients time, and helping to prevent the stress of logistics and coordination.
Thin film and AR coating processes available at Solaris Optics provide an additional option to enhance the optical performance of the prism.
Our staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about custom prism manufacturing.