A polarizer is an optical element that changes the polarization state of the incoming beam. Polarization state of light can be described unpolarized (typical natural light), partly polarized, linear, circular or elliptical (most general case).

Optical elements that change state of polarization have many applications in optics, for instance in laser technique.

There are several ways to achieve polarized light, including reflection, refraction, dispersion, selective absorbtion and double refraction. In certain applications also depolarizers are of use (elements that allow to achieve pseudo-random state of polarization from a polarized light). Another type of elements that allow to control or analyse beam polarization are retardation plates. In design practice polarizers are based on two main phenomena – polarization by reflection, and polarization by double refraction.

Solaris Optics manufactures a variery of polarizers, including:

  • stacked polarizers (Brewster polarizers)
  • dielectric polarizers
    – polarizing beam splitter plate (Brewster polarizers)
    – polarizing beam splitter cube (Brewster polarizers)
  • crystalline polarizers, also known as birefrigerent polarizers (based on anisotropic crystalline materials)
    – Glan-Tylor polarizers
    – Wollaston polarizers
    – Rochon polarizers
    – beam displacing polarizers
    – waveplates, also known as retardation plates (quarter-wave, half-wave)
    – wedge depolarizers

Should you be interested in our capabilities for manufacturing of polarizers, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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