Solaris Optics is equipped in two interferometers:

-digital interferometer ZYGO VeriFire XP/D Phase-shifting Fizeau Interferometer (horizontal one),

-digital interferometer OptoTech OWI 150 XT with intereferometer module Zygo GPI LC/ST/XP (vertical one).

The interferometers allow us to verify optical parameters of produced components during production process and for final approval. Interferometers are used mostly for surface accuracy, tranmitted wavefront error and radii of curvature measurements. Solaris Optics is able to offer also metrology service in accordance to client’s requirements (individual case) including deeper analyze.

In general working range of the interferometers starts from Ø 1 to 150 mm, travel along axis 1500 mm. Measuring range of radii depends on reference sphere. Measuring accuracy is ʎ/10 depending on reference sphere.

For interferometric measuremenets Solaris Optics has Zygo and Xonox tranmission spheres starting from f/0.7 to f/9.2.