crystalline polarizers

Solaris Optics provides fabrication services for a wide range of crystalline polarizers of different types and materials. We operate a production site in Warsaw, Poland and offer cost and time effective solutions for custom-made optics.
Crystalline polarizers are made of anisotropic crystalline materials which exhibit birefringence, meaning that their optical properties are different based on orientation. As a result, the incident beam is split into two orthogonally polarized components propagating in a crystal with different velocities. These components are called ordinary and extraordinary rays, and they characterize different indexes of refraction: no – for ordinary ray; ne – for extraordinary ray. By separating both rays, a double refracting crystal can be used as a polarizer. These polarizes are renowned for their high contrast ratios, ease of mounting and flexibility in terms of target application.
Solaris Optics offers fabrication of the following crystalline custom polarizers: Glan-Thompson, Glan-Taylor, Wollaston, Rochon. We work with materials such as calcite, quartz, lithium niobate and magnesium fluoride.
Should you have questions regarding crystalline custom-made polarizers offered by Solaris Optics, please contact us.