mounted prisms

Solaris Optics produces not only various types of single prisms, but also offers manufacturing services of mounted prisms. Multiple individual prisms combined into a single optical system can replace a functionality of several separate devices and offer significant size and weight advantage. Joined prisms make it possible to lead or divide a beam in the optical system in a way not feasible with conventional single prisms.
In its Warsaw, Poland facility Solaris Optics offers in-house production capabilities for high-performance optics. This includes surfacing, polishing, bonding, and coating processes. We usually join two prisms using dedicated adhesive, but it is also possible to use optical contact, a glueless bonding technique where bonded parts are held together only by intermolecular forces. In both cases, we take a special care of preparing joined surfaces to ensure strength and durability of the bonding even in the most demanding conditions. High precision polishing technology coupled with advanced metrology systems are deployed to ensure both surfaces conform in the region of contact.
Solaris Optics offers thin film and anti-reflective coating services to adjust optical characteristics of the mounted prisms to ensure compliance with customer specification.
Should you have a question about mounted prisms, please do not hesitate to contact us.