Solaris Optics manfuactures various types of filters in its premises in Poland. We are a custom optics manufacturer, so we manufacture according to clients specifications or requirements.

Under one roof we offer:

Filters – technical specifications

Standard specifications for our filters are the follownig:

  • size range: 4 – 160 mm
  • size tolerance: +-0.1 mm
  • clear aperture: 90%
  • thickness tolerance: +- 0.02 mm
  • flatness (633 nm): 2 lambda/inch
  • surgace finish (scratch-dig): 60-40
  • parallelism: < 15 arcmin

We also deliver components with significanly higher optical parameters, e.g. plane plates 20-10 and lambda/10 (633 nm).

Standard filters manufactured by Solaris Optics

Typical types of filters we deliver:

Should you have questions regarding your filter needs or our capabilities, please contact us, we are happy to help!