Solaris Optics offers a optical assembly as well as opto-mechanical assembly services, including stack assemblies, such as for zoom systems or objectives, lens and opto-electronic assemblies. With its state-of-art equipment, clean spaces and over 30 years of experience, we provide custom optical assemblies for variety of optics-based products.
Solaris Optics main facility is based in Warsaw, Poland and covers a complete production cycle for custom optics, which includes a range of assembly techniques for spherical, aspherical, and cylindrical lenses, prisms, and other optical components. The type of mechanical mounts and assembly method are carefully chosen and agreed with clients to meet the unique requirements of the intended application. We also provide the service based on client documentation.
Drop-in assembly is a common technique where a lens is simply dropped into a barrel. It uses metal rings to secure position and separate optical elements. Usually, all elements are of the same diameter. This method has proven to produce robust, stress-free assemblies with high accuracy and low positioning errors, and its simplicity keeps the time and cost relatively low. In special cases, our engineering team can design dedicated mechanical housings tailored to the intended application specific requirements. This can include e.g. cut shelves for optical elements or thin rings that hold lenses and position them inside the housing.
Solaris provides also assembly services for opto-mechanical-electronic devices, providing appropriate assembly quality and testing methods for the final optical setup.
Experienced staff allowed Solaris Optics to offer a precise and repeatable assembling process to ensure your application can meet its performance goals. Centering and positioning are essential factors which affect performance of high precision optics. With centrality of under 30arcsec and decentration of center of lens curvature under 20μm, we ensure the integration of multiple optics results in top-performing, reliable systems.
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