penta beam divider

Penta beam divider (also known as pentagonal prism divider or penta prism beamsplitter) is a component made of a pentagonal prism and a wedge prism bonded together. The role of the divider is to split the beam (e.g. 50% reflection / 50% transmission) by reflecting part of the incoming beam by 90 deg.

Solaris Optics offers custom penta beam dividers produced in its facilities in Poland.

As compared to cube divider, the penta prism beamsplitter is not that sensitive to the incident angle of the incoming beam. The deflected image is neither reversed nor vertically reversed.

In order to manage the reflection and transmission, the prism is coated with metal reflection coatings and dielectric dividing coatings.

Applications of Penta Beam Divider

Due to low sensitivity to alignment, the penta prism beamsplitter may find applications in optical systems where precise positioning is either difficult or impossible.

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