pentabeam divider

Pentabeam divider (also known as penta prism beamsplitter) is an optical element made of bonded pentagonal prism and a wedge prism. The role of the divider is to split the incoming beam at a given ratio (e.g. 50% / 50% by intensity) by reflecting part of the incoming beam by 90 deg.

Solaris Optics produces custom pentabeam dividers in its premises in Poland.

Applications of pentagonal prism divider are similar to those of a cube beamsplitter, however the advantage of the penta divider is that in a wide range of angles the image is not reverted and the deviation angle of the reflected beam does not depend on the incident angle. Therefore penta beamsplitters are used in optical systems, where there are difficulties with positioning.

Such beamsplitters are deposited with metal coatings on reflective surfaces and with dielectric layers on dividing surfaces.

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