Optical assemblies

Optical assemblies are typically composed of some sort o mechanical housing and several optical elements, such as windows, lenses, etc. They require care in element handling, especially capabilities and experience in dealing with optical elements, precision and care in assembling process, clean assembly spaces, as well as strict control (optical, mechanical) of the assembled setup.
For simple optical assemblies, e.g. stack assemblies, such as in zoom systems or objectives, we typically mount elements with a drop-in technique, based on spacing optics with metal rings.
Solaris Optics may follow clients documentation and instructions for assembly. We can also advise and design custom mechanical housings, e.g. cut-out shelves for optics, o-rings for lens positioning, as well as other specific mechanical housings for multiple optical elements.
In optical assemblies we reach centrality below 30 arcsec and decentration of the center of lenses curvature below 20 μm.
Among our assembled products, we can distinguish C-mount optical components, laser accessories (windows, lenses, etc.), alignment and testing accessories and entire optical systems, such as imaging optics, beam forming optics, high power beam optics and others.
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