In our work, we combine traditional glass processing with innovative technologies. Our production process starts with pre-treatment in the traditional way in our milling and grinding machines that have been with us for many years. Thanks to these tools we can produce elements faster but also, if needed, we can flexibly design and buy new ones (eg shaped scarves or cutters).

Our CNC machine park for pre-treatment comprises of:

*) 2 Milling machines (Schneider) for spherical surfaces polishing(Schneider)
*) 2 milling machines (Schneider) for spherical and flat surface polishing
(size of elements max 300mm)
*) 3 milling machines for prism shaping (Optotech)
*) shaped milling machine for making undercuts, indentations, holes,

Preparation for the polishing process is, among other things, fastening the elements on the collecting tool. Here, we also use various techniques for attaching elements for processing from tar through various types of waxes, adhesives and plastering to optical contact bonding. Optical contact bonding, ie connection of an element with a pattern using adhesion forces helps us to obtain very high accuracy of angular displacements and parallelism (up to tenths of an arc second).

The polishing process in our company is based on the traditional method of polishing and we think that polishing on tar is the best way to obtain a high quality surface. This applies not only to glass elements but also to crystalline materials (Ge, Si, CaF2, …)

For polishing we use machines:
*) OPH grinder for mechanical polishers by AKM-Leica System and older
*) grinder for manual polishers – we can make small batches of non-standard elements
*) corrective polisher (QED) – for surface correction (which allows us to change the shape deviation in a short time, eg from λ / 10 to λ / 40.) and to adjust microroughness even up to 3Ȧ. With the help of this machine, we can also asphyzate the surface to a certain extent

But we are also investing in the machine park in order to meet the constantly growing needs of our clients. As a result of this investment, our machine park will supply machines for double-sided polishing and CNC machines for polishing spherical surfaces

We use our many years of experience and tools, but we do not close to modern technologies.