special prismatic splitters

Solaris Optics manufactures in its facilities in Poland also special types of prisms, such as Köster prism.

Köster prism design, also known as double-image Köster prism, is based on two identical prisms (90° – 60 – 30°). As shown on the Figure, the two prisms are cemented on the longer short faces. One of those faces is covered with a beam dividing coating.

The role of the Köster prism is to divide a light beam (e.g. an image or a laser beam in a measurement setup) into two beams which are parallel to each other. The distance of the parallel output beams from each other can be adjusted by manipulating the height of the incident beam. Köster prism finds applications e.g. in interferometery and telescopes.

In another variation of a special prismatic splitter, as shown on the other Figure, it is possible to spit a beam into two beams which are parallel to each other and parallel to the incident beam.

Should you have questions regarding Köster or other special types of prisms, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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