non-polarizing beamsplitters

Non-polarizing beamsplitters (NPBS) are a specific type of beam splitters, where a beam is divided regardless of polarization state.

Solaris Optics manufactures custom non-polarizing beamsplitters in its facilities in Poland.

In a typical case, when a beam hits a transmissive optical surface, the S polarized beam component is more likely to get reflected, whereas the P component would go through. In such a case the beam gets polarized after the split and this phenomenon is used for instance in polarizing beam splitters. Avoiding such a polarization-dependant split requires a special surface to be designed and coated such as in a NPBS.

Non-polarizing Beamsplitters Specifications

Non-polarizing beam splitters may have a specific polarization split, e.g. 50-50 or 60-40. They are designed for a specific wavelength spectrum, either narrow or broadband. In a typical form they are either a plate or a cube. Usually the reflected beam is 90° to the beam that goes through the splitter. A basic principle is shown at the assisting Figure.

In Solaris Optics NPBS can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes. We also offer support in beam splitter design.

We are happy to discuss your specific requirements for a non-polarizing beam splitter, so please do not hesitate to contact us.