Our optical engineers in R&D department can design, analyze and optimize optical systems. Projects can be based on the client’s technical requirements or system target application, where specific conditions are known.
We have experience with simple designs like single lenses, doublets, expanders, more complex like simple objectives, and also systems used in space projects, telescopes or photolitography.
Having the opportunity to consult our projects with our optical workshop we can offer design for manufacturability. For every design full tolerance analysis is performed, giving our customers a chance to see expected performance of the real system. In our designs we pay attention to proper selection of materials to provide cost-effective solutions. We can also adapt customers’ designs to our technology.
We can provide a wide range of services concerning design and modelling of optical elements and systems. They include:
– optical design and analyses in geometrical regime
– modeling of light propagation in scalar wave regime
– custom optical data processing and analyses
– design of instrumentation for optical characterization
– design of optomechanics
– state-of-the-art fabrication technologies
Using our own optical elements and mechanical parts rapidly manufactured for us by an experienced mechanical workshop we are able to quickly set up measurement and test systems. By combining our programming skills we can expand modelling capabilities offered by commercially available software.