flat mirrors

Flat mirrors, also known as plane mirrors, are characterized by a flat reflective surface. The reflective surface can be achieved with dielectric or metallic coatings, according to specific requirements.

Flat mirrors – manufacturing and specifications

Solaris Optics manufactures plane mirrors of various shapes (e.g. round, elliptical, square, rectangular, etc.) in its premises in Poland.

Standard specifications of plane mirrors produced by Solaris Optics:

  • Substrate material: according to customer requirements
  • Size (side length, diameter): 4 to 100 mm (non-standard up to 290 mm)
  • Size tolerance: ±0.1 mm (non-standard ±0.01)
  • Clear aperture (active area): 85% (non-standard 95%)
  • Thickness tolerance: ±0.1 mm (non-standard ±0.01)
  • Flatness (633 nm): 3/0,5(0,5) (non-standard 3/0,2(0,2) 3/0,1(0,1)MRF)
  • Roughness: P3 (non-standard: P4)
  • Surface finish (Digs – Scratches): 2 x 0,2 ; L 1 x 0,04 (non-standard: 2 x 0,2 ; L 1 x 0,04)
  • Coating: according to customer requirements
  • Mounting: on request

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Applications of plane mirrors

Flat mirrors are used in optical systems as unfocal elements to create imaginary or real picture, equal and placed symmetrically to the object. Sets of plane mirrors are also widely used for multiple reflection of the optical beam to optimize tightness of optical system.

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