Quality in Solaris Optics

As a precision optics manufacturer we put quality in the center of our operations. From the company management, through measurements, to supplier selection and verification. Altogether about 15% of our colleagues work in quality control.

Quality Management System ISO 9001

In 2005, over 15 years ago Solaris Optics for the first time successfully passed ISO 9001:2015 certification. Since then we have been ISO 9001 certified for production of optical components and assemblies for advanced laser and optoelectronics technologies. See our latest certificate from TÜV Rheinland, as attached.

Manufacturing process & products quality

Along entire manufacturing process as well as for a ready-made product we apply a number of quality measures.
Products such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc. are measured after each production step for their respective key parameters, e.g. thickness, diameter, flatness, etc. In thin films department each client coating process is controlled with a reference sample, which is then stored in case product issues appear. Also for assemblies, such as lens systems, we perform numerous measurements of components as well as of the final system performance.

Suppliers quality

Our suppliers of raw materials, components, production tools and consumables are also carefully selected and their deliveries measured. For instance each mechanical component from our suppliers is carefully measured for geometry with our 3D CMM equipment. Some renown suppliers of raw materials and consumables include e.g. Pieplow & Brandt GmbH (polishing materials), Schott or Corning (glasses).

Modern measurement machines

Our measurement machinery park, used for quality and characterization includes among others:
• 3D CMM machine DEA Global Performance 5.7.5 from Hexagon Metrology (dimensions)
• OptiCentric® & OptiSurf from Trioptics (measurement of centration, center thickness and air gaps)
• Spectrophotometer LAMBDA950 from Perkin-Elmer (spectral analysis of coatings and glasses)
• Digital interferometer VeriFire XP/D Phase-shifting Fizeau Interferometer from Zygo (radius)
• Digital interferometer OptoTech OWI 150 XT (shape)
For details about our metrology equipment and services see metrology services.
Our machines are regularly supervised and calibrated with reference measuring standards, which are controlled by renown institutions, such as Polish Central Office of Measures.

See our production & quality departments at work:

Should you have questions regarding our quality or measurement capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us!