corrective polishing (mrf)

Solaris Optics S.A. has the Magneto Rheological Finishing (MRF) machine in its machines park. The MRF machine gives the ability to gently correct optical elements and therefore ultraprecise optics manufacture – the answer for the most demanding customer needs.

The MRF has a number of different usses:
• Figure correction (metrology limited),
• Roughness correction,
• Cosmetics correction,
• Mild aspherising,
• Sub Surface Damage removal,
• And others related to the particular customer needs

The use of different polishing liquids gives the ability of polishing the numer of different types of crystalline and glass materials. They can be very soft such as Calcium or Magnesium Fluoride or very hard such as Silicon Carbide or Sapphire.

The input metrology for the machine is the interferometric map. Basing on the map, the MRF machine tool path is being created in such a way to polish the element peaks longer and the element valleys shorter.
The combination of non – deterministic classical pitch polishing that gives very smooth and low spatial frequencies surface and and highly deterministic MRF polishing gives the ability of achieving in Solaris optics top quality optical surfaces.

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