Solaris Optics formed internal Research & Development Group in 2012. The R&D group is responsible for high-level optical engineering and fulfills the following tasks:

  1. Increasing competitiveness of Solaris Optics by providing new optics related solutions.
  2. Provide services for customers, including design and modelling of optical and opto-mechanical elements and systems, technology feasibility studies, as well as design and development of optical characterization techniques.

Please visit here to learn more about our R&D competences and services.
Responsibility of R&D Group includes also project management and cooperation with external partners within R&D projects. Some examples of such projects include:

  • Development of Light-Weight Super-Teleobjective for ESA in frame of Polish Industry Incentive Scheme programme (leader)
  • Space Qualification of Optical Coatings for ESA in frame of Polish Industry Incentive Scheme programme (leader)
  • Manufacture a high-precision cylindrical mirror compensating astigmatic aberration for a space observation system (cooperation with QED Technologies and Military University of Technology, Warsaw)
  • ESA’s PROBA 3, where Solaris delivers optical filters (contractor)
  • ESA’s Sentinel 5, to which Solaris delivers coated optical elements (including gradient filters) (contractor)

Learn more about our R&D projects:
Super Tele-Objective for Earth Observation
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