Laser optics include components dedicated to specific laser wavelength, few wavelengths, or more rarely to a range of wavelengths, e.g. KrF Excimer Laser (248nm) or Nd: YAG laser – single or dual band (532nm and 1064nm) or Kr-Ion lasers (e.g. 520 – 647nm).

Solaris Optics manufactures custom laser optical elements, including in-house thin film coatings deposition. We either follow client documentation or design components following client needs or specifications.

Our capabilities allow us to produce elements such as:

Laser optics is characterized by narrow tolerances of optical parameters such as surface accuracy, surface finish as well as materials – for substrates, as well as for thin film coatings – dedicated for higher powers of incoming beam. The phenomenon associated with higher power is very demanding for final products and Solaris Optics can analyze and design products ready to withstand higher power density or pulse mode.
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