Dichroic mirrors (dichroic reflectors) are optical elements, which are transmissive in certain wavelenght range and reflecitve in another wavelenght range. A dichroic mirror is typically characterised by wavelengths it reflects and can be specified by cut-on and cut-off wavelengths. A similar element, but characterized by specifying transmission wavelengths and absorbing (rather than reflecting) wavelengths outside the transmission range is called a dichroic filter.

The reflectance of a dichroic reflector is achieved by depositing dielectric thin films, similarly as dielectric mirrors.

Applications of a dichroic mirror

Dichroic mirror can be applied e.g. to combine or separate two beams of different wavelengths. In lasers it can be used to inject the pumping radiation into the resonator or to separate harmonics. A common application of dichroic reflectors is fluorescence microscopy, where excitation and fluorescence light is separated.

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