KDDP Pockels cells

KDDP Pockels cells are electrooptic modulators, in which the active material is KDDP crystal. The crystal is a very efficient material for Pockels cells used in the visible and near-infrared spectral range.
Solaris Optics manufactures KDDP Pockels cells in its facilities in Poland.
KDDP crystal is available in extremely large sizes with high optical quality. Its large electrooptic coefficients allow for the lowest operating voltages of all the [x]DP crystal family. Relatively large dielectric constants also give a high uniformity of electric field distribution across the crystal aperture.
KDDP crystals are transparent in the range of 350nm -1500 nm and can operate at very high optical power densities. These characteristics make KDDP a basic material for Pockels cells, used with very high power laser systems.
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