metallic mirror coatings

Optics coated with a reflective metal are an essential type of mirrors used in the optical systems. Among its advantages are high reflectivity across wide wavelength spectrum, low dispersion, and stable performance. Solaris Optics offers fabrication services for aluminum, silver and gold coatings with reflection levels of up to 98%.
Exceptional performance and broad range of possible applications make metallic mirrors a preferred solution in optical systems. Choosing the right metallic mirror coatings for the application spectral range makes it possible to achieve reflection levels from 85% to 98%. A correct design ensures the optical properties of metallic coatings remain stable across wavelength spectrum, polarization state and angle of incidence. The state-of-art machine park and experienced workforce of Solaris Optics ensure uniform deposition metallic coatings on variety of optical substrates.

Applications of metallic mirror coatings

Metallic mirror coatings are widely used for low power laser applications, thermography, optical metrology systems and many more. However, because of significant absorption level of metallic layers, this type of mirrors is not recommended to be used with high power densities. In addition, metallic coatings may act as polarization rotator and phase shift the E vector orientation.

Technology of metallic mirror coatings

Coatings made of evaporated metals are sensitive to environmental conditions and mechanical damage. Therefore, the design should include an additional protection layer. Choosing the right protection is based on wavelength range demanded: for UV and VIS range MgF2 is recommended, while for VIS and NIR range a common solution is SiO2. In special cases, such as laboratory use, aluminum or gold mirrors can be made without protection.
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