UV lenses are lenses optimized for operation in ultraviolet wavelength ranges, so typically in spectrum under 400 nm.

Solaris Optics produces custom ultraviolet lenses in its premises in Poland.

Typical materials used for ultaviolet lenses inlcude fused silica or CaF2. Such optics is also covered with thin film layers in order to reduce reflections in UV spectrum as well as to reduce transmission of undesirable wavelengths, outside of UV spectrum.

Standard specifications of UV lenses

Standard specifications of ultraviolet lenses manufactured by Solaris Optics:

  • Material: on request
  • Range of diameters: Ø 4 ÷ 300 mm (for spherical) Ø 5 ÷ 100 mm (for cylinder)
  • Clear aperture: 90%
  • Focal length tolerance: ± 2%
  • Radius tolerance: ± 1%
  • Surface accuracy (633 nm): lambda/4
  • Surface finish (scratches -digs): 60-40
  • Coatings: on request
  • Mounting: on request

Applications of ultraviolet lenses

Applications of UV optics, including lenses are very broad and include laser optics, diagnostic equipment in medicine, biology, and archeology, as well as fluorescence detection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in custom ultraviolet lenses.