VIS lenses are a gorup of lenses, that are specifically optimized to operte in the visible spectrum of light, so typically within 400-700 nm.

Solaris Optics manufactures custom visible light lenses in its facilities in Poland.

Visible spectrum lenses are used for various imaging purposes, so good imaging properties are of design focus. Therefore typical materials selected for VIS lenses include fused silica, N-BK7 or other Schott standard optical glasses.
Typically performance and mechanical properties of such lenses are further improved by depositing thin film coatings, to e.g. reduce reflections (AR coatings) or reduce transmission of undesirable infrared and/or ultraviolet wavelengths.

Applications of visible lenses

Applications for visible lenses include imaging optics, so any optical devices that rely on human vision and that do not introduce any intermediate digital modifications to light. Example products include e.g. microscopes, spectacles or telescopes.

Standard specifications of VIS lenses

Standard specifications of VIS lenses produced by Solaris Optics:

  • Material: on request
  • Range of diameters: Ø 4 ÷ 300 mm (for spherical) Ø 5 ÷ 100 mm (for cylinder)
  • Clear aperture: 90%
  • Focal length tolerance: ± 2%
  • Radius tolerance: ± 1%
  • Surface accuracy (633 nm): lambda/4
  • Surface finish (scratches-digs): 60-40
  • Coatings: on request
  • Mounting: on request

Should you be interested in custom visible lenses within the above or improved specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us!