Eyepiece is a sub-system of a vision system, such as a microscope. The role of an eyepiece is to magnify and focus on the image created by an objective lens. An eyepiece consists of at least 2 lenses and is designed and selected with a number of technical parameters in mind, such as magnification, briteness, abberrations, etc.
There are several typical eyepiece designs offered on the market.

Eyepiece manufacturing

Solaris Optics manufactures custom eyepieces in its premises in Poland. The scope of production capabilities includes optical components, thin film coatings, mechanical elements purchase and assembly.

Eyepiece design

Our R&D team can also advicse, propose concepts or design the eyepieces based on initial specifications. We work on Zemax and Inventor tools.


We offer optical system characterization and testing, as a part of our R&D and quality department services.

Please do not hesitate to ask about eyepiece design, manufacturing, assembly and testing.