Objective lenses

Objective lens is an optical setup (typically of several elements) whose role is to collect light from an observed or inspected object and to create a real image for observation.

Solaris Optics designs and manufactures custom objective lenses in its facilities in Poland.

Solaris Optics offers a complete opto-mechanical design and manufacturing services for optical objectives, including:

  • objective design,
  • optical elements design and manufacture, along with required thin-film coatings
  • mechanical elements design and manufacture,
  • assembly services,
  • optical measurements and testing of components and system.

Examples of optical objectives that were custom designed and manufactured by Solaris Optics:

  • photographic objectives
  • microscope objectives
  • wide angle objectives
  • tele and super-tele objectives

Please do not heaitate to contact us in case of questions regarding your optical objective application!