Development of optical systems bonded with femtosecond pulses


Solaris Optics S.A. implements a project titled Development of technologies for the production of innovative, integrated optical systems bonded with femtosecond pulses, co-financed by the Polish National Center for Research and Development under the “Path for Mazovia” program.
I. Purpose of the project and its results
The result of the project will be product innovations ready to be implemented in the company’s offer in the form of integrated optical heads:
– dividers and recombinants,
– interferometers.
Light-dividing elements are a type of optical elements that divide the incident light beam into two or more spatially separated beams. One of the solutions used for this purpose requires covering one of the element planes with a thin optical layer that allows the beam to be divided in a specific energy ratio for a specific spectral range.
The remaining surfaces are usually covered with a suitable anti-reflective coating. In its products, Solaris Optics will design dielectric layers with appropriate properties that will allow the diffraction of light without affecting the quality and shape of the input beam. Optical systems that include light splitting elements also often require the design of mechanical assemblies ensuring appropriate linear and angular positioning of the optical elements in relation to each other in order to ensure the desired beam path. The integrated optical head requires only an outer housing, which reduces the weight and size of the setups.

II. Project value

Total project value: 5 028 575,00 zł
III. Contribution of the National Centre for Research and Development
Co-financing of the project : 3 631 000,00 zł
IV. Project completion date
Project completion date: April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2024