SWIR Lenses and SWIR Filters for Earth Observation Small Satellite for Maritime Surveillance

Published: June 23, 2022

SWIR lenses and SWIR filters shall be studied, designed and prototyped in another space-related project, in which Solaris Optics participates.

By the end of 2021 Solaris Optics confirmed its participation in an EU-funded project with a working title Novel Earth and Maritime Observation Satellite, acronymed NEMOS. The project is realized under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) 2020, within the topic: Multifunctional capabilities, including space based surveillance and tracking, able to enhance the maritime awareness (discover, locate, identify, classify and counteract the threats).

The NEMOS consortium is led by SATLANTIS MICROSATS S.L. a Spanish expert in very high-resolution optical payloads for Earth observation small satellites. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to design a small optical satellite for Low Earth Orbit, which will ensure high resolution imaging of maritime littoral, high sea areas, harbour and critical infrastructure for quasi real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Solaris Optics is one of eleven consortium members and the only one from CEE region.

SWIR Filters and SWIR Lenses Manufacture

The role of Solaris Optics, a precision optics manufacturer, in the project includes development of production and measurement methodologies to enable manufacturing of optical elements for the space telescopes.
The early-assumed spectral ranges for the optics are within very near infrared VNIR 450 – 900 nm and another for short-wave infrared SWIR 900 – 1700 nm, however further studies will allow to draw final specifications for the VNIR and SWIR lenses and filters.

The tasks include optical lens system feasibility study and analysis, as well as similar studies about the needed optical filters and thin film coatings. The coatings of various types, including reflective, anti-reflective and filters will be studied and designed for the assumed spectral ranges. With a goal of high quality imaging of the final system, the manufacturing process shall ensure high precision of optical elements, with assumed use of Solaris Optics state of art technologies, including MRF technology, for example.

NEMOS Participants, SWIR lenses and filters
Figure 1 NEMOS Project participants

Optics for Space Imaging

Solaris Optics continues its development within precision optics manufacturing, which is especially beneficial for space imaging applications. For the maritime observation satellite Solaris Optics will utilize its previous experiences in the matter, such as the development of Earth observation optical system, a project realized in cooperation with the European Space Agency, where Solaris took a leading role.

NEMOS Schedule and Funding

The European Defence Industrial Development Programme is the first ever EU funding programme aimed to co-finance the development of defence solutions in collaborative projects. In 2020 the EU allocated 158.3 m EUR to 26 projects under EDIDP, including NEMOS. The NEMOS project has a duration of 24 months. The total contribution of the EU funding to NEMOS is 3 983 001.68 EUR.

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